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Estate And Land Agents In Barnet

Rire Investments offer a variety of property-related services across the UK. We buy and sell property, including agricultural land. We manage properties throughout the UK, acting as landlord for our clients and managing all aspects of the property on your behalf. Furthermore, we offer a property renovation service to all clients that we manage. If there is any work that needs to be done on your letting, our diligent, expert team can make it happen for you. We’re land agents in Barnet, but offer our services UK-wide. That way, we ensure that, no matter what property you are looking to sell or manage, we can assist you with our discreet, professional service.





Why You Should Use Us


1. Professional

As land agents in Barnet, we pride ourselves on the professional approach we bring to property management, letting and sales. Every client is important to us and are treated with respect and dignity. Your convenience is our highest priority and we ensure that we provide that to everyone we serve.


2. Quick

As well as providing a professional service, we prioritise speed and efficiency. So often, when it comes to property sales and management, the process can drag out for months longer than it ought to. Thanks to our professionalism, we ensure that whatever service we provide to you is given in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.


3. Expert

When it comes to our services as land agents in Barnet, we have a wealth of experience to draw from that render us experts. In the property sales and management fields, we ensure that tenants are looked after and that all properties are well-maintained, on your behalf.




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