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Property Valuation in Barnet

Rire Investments are property experts. That applies to management, renovation and buying and selling across the UK. We provide a complete, comprehensive service that gives all of our clients peace of mind, in the knowledge that their assets are taken care of. We liaise with tenants, manage repairs and complete renovations, all at our clients’ convenience. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and client convenience so, no matter if you’re selling a field or renting out four houses, we’ll provide the very highest standard of service, as land agents in Barnet. If you’re looking to sell your property, we also offer services for property valuation, in Barnet and around the UK, before you decide to sell up.






We Buy

If you have land or property that you are looking to sell on, contact us directly to arrange a consultation appointment. We’ll discuss property valuation, in Barnet or wherever else in the UK your property is situated, before moving onto the next steps together.

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We Sell

We also sell property and land around the UK, with all currently available properties listed below. Check back regularly for updates to these, or contact us directly if one in particular has caught your eye.

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